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Why Learning To Comment On Websites Helps In Your Writing!

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Last Update: March 29, 2019  

Lately, I've been noticing some Wealthy Affiliate members complaining about the quality, or rather the lack of, on the comments they received on their website(s).

As you may have known, the training at Wealthy Affiliate ("WA") encourages you to get comments on your website. It shows engagement and possibly affects your ranking on search engine.

There are two ways you can get a comment for your website, through the SiteComment feature, or the comment exchange thread.

Back then, it was easy to get credits for contributing to SiteComment, but since a monetary reward is involved, it's harder now to get the credits. The SiteComment has an algorithm that checks on the quality of the feature but even that can be gamed by some rogue members.

As for the comment exchange thread, the rules state that you comment on three sites and post your link for others to comment on.

But You Still Get Poor Quality Comments

Most people feel shortchanged, when they have taken precious time to read an article and leave an engaging comment but they got poor quality comments in return.

So, what are the types of comments that don't add value to a site?

Comments that are generic in nature e.g. "I really like your site. I was hooked on your content after clicking on it..."

Single line comment "Thanks for sharing such great tips"

Comments that are delivered without really understanding the article (I'm sure you have received a few)

It's Your Loss If You Don't Learn The Art Of Commenting

Some people are just trying to game the SiteComment to earn credits. Some hope to do little work in exchange of the comments they receive. Maybe a few are genuine but couldn't understand the subject covered in the article.

Whatever the reason is, you're on the losing end if you don't learn how to write a great comment.


Because learning to comment on subjects you're not familiar with prepare you to write awesome contents that you're not an expert in.

For example, you will be writing reviews on products that you've never tried. You don't have to pretend that you've used the products but you have to write an engaging piece that can relate to your audience.

And it all starts by commenting on each other's website(s).

So, How Do You Leave Great Comments

I used to be awkward in leaving comments when I was a newbie. I can imagine some members getting my comment and hitting disapprove back then.

But I've improved.

Here's how I do it, even when I'm not interested/expert of a subject matter.

I spend time reading the article, or at least understanding what it's about.I start by writing about problems that me, my family or an acquaintance of mine is facing, before talking about the products.I try to be specific, talk about brand names, features, etc.

Asking questions on products is easy to do, but I'll do it after showing that I understand the product to a certain extent.If I get a 'top list" article, I focus on one product that impressed me.

I'm still learning and improving when delivering comments. I don't take shortcuts because I know what it means for the owner of the article.

Bottom Line

I'm not hating people who deliberately leave generic comment to game the system. It's their loss, not mines.

I don't blame people who leave poor comments on my site, because they are not familiar with what I'm promoting. I will still leave a genuine comment for them because I was once in their shoes.

What I'm hoping is that people start seeing commenting as part of the training to make them better writer, instead of a chip to get more comments on their own website(s).

Trust me, if you want to rank your website on Google, good content always triumphs over the comments that you get. So make your priority right.


Kenny, Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member

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