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Why Did I Join Wealthy Affiliate?

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Last Update: March 29, 2019

I've been working in the pharmaceutical field for 10 years and I love my job!

However, when I got married and had two little cute kids, I started to feel I need more time for my family and I need more money to have a better life. Therefore, I tried to search from internet and YouTube to see if there is any efficient way to make money.

Then I found a key word called "Passive income".

Put in the work once and the money - in theory - should keep rolling in.

In the beginning, I did not know what it is. What I should do to have passive income? Is it hard? Is it possible to earn money?

Then I found some useful information from a YouTube video:

(Channel: Practical Wisdom-Interesting ideas)

There are 10 Legit Ways to Make Money And Passive Income Online

From this video, he gave me a lot of good ideas and let me understand what passive income is in a very easy way!

Here is the list of 10 Legit Ways::

1. UPWORKS.COM (Be a freelancer and provide your skill.service)



3 Ways to make money via AMAZON:

-AMAZON Mechanical Turk

-AMAZON Kindle publishing (can make $100,000)

-AMAZON ASSOCIATE PROGRAM (COMMISSION: 5-10%) which is the affiliate marketing

4. CLICKBANK(COMMISSION is higher: as high as 75%)


6. Shutterstock (ex. sell photos)

7. Rover (watching someone's dog

8. (you can teach any skill)

9. Fiverr (Freelancer)


Okay, it seems a bit hard to start any one of the above, but actually it is not.

The only one thing you need is "Motivation"

I'm actually very busy with my work and my daily life since I am a PM and have two little kids below 4 years old. But I saved some time during lunch, before bedtime and in the morning to learn more of passive income. And choose one or two to start!

One is an online ebook and the other one is to join Wealthy Affiliate.

How I did I come to know Wealthy Affiliate? I actually found Wealthy Affiliate from YouTube when searching for passive income and was attracted by a TWN YouTuber who introduced Jerry to everyone who wants to know more about affiliate marketing. And then I did some research on"affiliate marketing" and I found that this is a very good thing for the seller, blogger and the buyer!

When Joined Wealthy Affiliate , I also found that there are many trainings for beginners that really helpful! The trainings are not too hard and you can follow them step by step. Moreover, there are so many friends there to give you advice or support!

Maybe you already know this, but it's really new for me and I believe there are still lots of people don't know the market or even don't trust it.

Just like when I told my brother this idea, he only said I'm not interested in it. But very funny, my father said it's a very good idea and I also wants to lean more of it!! haha~ An almost 70 y/o old man wants to learn affiliate marketing! How interesting!!

I will be patient to see what I actually can do!

I share my own experience with you in the hope that it helps.


Tiffany, Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member

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