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What Is Procrastination?

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

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Last Update: March 10, 2019  

Procrastination - A Dangerous Obstacle To Achieving Success

Hi Folks!

After you joined Wealthy Affiliate you most probably started building your home business with a lot of anticipation. You seemed to be doing everything right but then what happens? Procrastination seems to be getting hold of you and the progress you hoped to make appears to be eluding you. This scenario is not new and isn't confined to new members. Its encountered by many people in the home business arena.

They started hoping their path would be a bed of roses but when they find the going getting tough they tend to procrastinate.

What is Procrastination? The dictionary defines it as “deferring or postponing action” People who are afflicted by Procrastination know it themselves. A few make a real attempt to change, but many don’t. They allow things to drag on, or refuse to take positive steps towards any solution.

Successful people seldom procrastinate folks. This is what propels them towards their goal and success in life. Even when they do procrastinate at times, they don’t allow procrastination to take hold of them.

How then can you overcome procrastination and succeed in your Home Business

1. Set Realistic Goals

Never undertake any task that's going to be more than what you can accomplish - at least in the short term. If you attempt to do something that is beyond your capacity, the whole exercise might become overwhelming and prevent you from getting started. You then tend to procrastinate.

2. Prepare Lists

It is always advantageous to prepare a list of the things you want to do. This will help you to achieve your goals and also help you to prioritize the tasks. A list with a short term objective and another with a long term objective. Break them again into smaller steps. The whole purpose of two lists is to motivate you to get started and to stop procrastination. A person with a tendency to procrastinate will never get started if they view a long list of tasks to be accomplished. On the other hand viewing a shorter list can encourage them to get started.

3. Always have a Deadline

Deadlines always play a very important role when you plan to achieve some task. It has to be realistic and attainable. Unattainable deadlines can only cause frustration and develop a feeling of incompetence with respect to your ambition of operating a successful Home Business.

4. Get Started

Once you have done all the preliminaries such as reading, planning, getting good advice etc. put your best foot forward and get started.

5. Read Success and Inspiring Stories

Regular reading of the lives of successful men and women will inspire you to emulate them. Successful people seldom or never procrastinate and reading these stories will gradually wean you out of your tendency to procrastinate.

6. Reward Yourself

Whenever you complete your task or achieve your minor goal, reward yourself. Take time out. This will give you a sense of joy, fulfilment and achievement and will motivate you further to achieve success.


Perfection is not necessary. All your preparatory work will be of no avail if you hesitate or vacillate. This reminds me of a Chinese proverb: “He who deliberates fully before taking a step will spend his entire life on one leg.”

Successful people no doubt deliberate fully before making a positive move but they don't procrastinate. They don’t hesitate to take the first step forward and that's what matters most. You too can stop Procrastinating by following these methods and actually make some headway to achieving success.

Have a great day folks and be successful.

Robert A., Wealthy Affiliate Member

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