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The Story ALWAYS Ends The Same Way - Don't Be BOXED IN - Part Deux

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Last Update: March 29, 2019

Good morning/afternoon/evening worldwide fellow WA members!

As I have promised yesterday, I wanted to do a sequel to my original post on the predictability of the way the story, our collective story, ends in the corporate world, aka "working for the man".

Here is my original post which you may want to read first in order to see this sequel in full and proper context:

"Well OK, so what else is there left to say?" you may ask.

As I have explained in the original post, linked above, the proverbial box is what we wind up being summarized as at the end of any employment in the corporate world.

We get a box from the supply room and stuff our personal effects, pictures, memories, souvenirs, plaques, trophies, etc. So in a physical way, other than us leaving that job or company, all of our "stuff" does too.

Again, the "leaving a job" part can be for many reasons, good or bad, detailed in my original post.

NEVERTHELESS, in the corporate world, no matter under what circumstances or for what reasons, when we leave a job we are reduced to that proverbial box.

"So what, what does it matter anyway?" you may ask.

It is important because that proverbial box is the symbol the corporate world eventually assigns to us.

Sort of serial products rolling out of an assembly line, all in boxes.

But, we are humans, so we shouldn't be reduced to a proverbial box, right?

"Well, it is just the way it is, how can I ever change the world we live in?" you may ask.

Very simply we can; at least in theory of a well thought out and planned process towards our own financial and personal independence. It is right in front of all of us.

It is the worldwide Wealthy Affiliate platform and community.

I will leave the "how to best" to those best qualified, to Jay and his training, to the vast training WA program available to all of its members, to the community support and all of the other almost infinite resources to make us reach those goals.

I will instead carry on with the way we can truly alter the story of our work and life by visual or textual means of communication.

However lacking my writing and expression are, what I am writing about are powerful albeit self-evident and common sense things.

In my original post yesterday, I have alluded that if we find success here at WA doing all that we need to do in furtherance thereof, we will forever alter the ending of that story. We will both choose and own that ending, much to our own benefit.

So in a symbolical way, if we can escape the curse of the proverbial box, we will never ever be reduced to a box nor will we ever leave (unless we give up on our dreams and independence). Why? Because we will be either be working from home, or, from virtually anywhere else in the world.


"Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed" we are told that Antoine Lavoisier has said.

So, therefore, in light of that it seems like we are faced with a math equation like this

Life + (Corporate) Job = Proverbial Box

Now, if we lose the proverbial box, the equation will be out of balance, and we need to replace it with something else reflective of the change in our work life and related circumstances.

I submit that the proverbial box is appropriately to be replaced by luggage, baggage or any other similar iteration thereof.

"Luggage? What? What does that even mean?" you may ask.

Well, it may not be a full time symbol of our financial freedom or independence (let us say if you work from home on your own business, online or otherwise) ,however, you will see that the luggage symbol does best apply to the new work life circumstances.

The proverbial box comes in at the of our tenure in a corporate job, regardless of the reasons and circumstances, as we've established above. It is also the way the corporate employment story always ends or most of us. Right?

So now, back to luggage.

If we work for ourselves, we will never really "leave" our job in that same sense as leaving a corporate job. We may be mostly working from home and we do not need to stuff a box with anything when we leave home.

However, we will need luggage for our personal business travel, vacations, relocation, cruises, etc.

Bingo, our equation is back in balance with the laws of nature.

Except that this time, having ditched the proverbial box for the luggage, we are in control.

Last but not least, a few observations on the "proverbial box" versus "luggage" and their symbolism:

A box is a fairly rigid and well defined kind of container (hence the corporate structure it comes from)

Luggage is fairly flexible (ladies may disagree...)

You leave your corporate job with mostly one sole sad box of what is left of you in that place

You can take as many pieces of luggage with you when you travel for your own business or own leisure (just check with the airlines baggage fees, please )

A proverbial box for the most part means you are gone for good, for whatever reason, no return anticipated

Luggage or multiple pieces of luggage are going with you to and from as often and as many times as you want or decide

Remember, the story doesn't have to always end the same. You can change its ending.

Unlike the proverbial box from the supply room in the corporate world which you cannot choose, you can always choose your luggage

If you TRULY want to do so.

If not, no worries.

The corporate world will decide the predictable ending for you. Oh, and did I mention, they even have a free box for you.

If I didn't manage to completely lose you all by now, I can only hope that the simple analogy and its deep ramifications may make sense to you and may be part of a motivational booster for at least some of the Wealthy Affiliate members.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read, comment or like my simple meandering post.


Admin, Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member

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