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The Story ALWAYS Ends The Same Way - DON'T BE BOXED IN!

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Last Update: March 28, 2019  

This brief post is a reflection upon a subject most of us, at one point or another, are facing now, will face in the future or have faced in the past.

The post is about the proverbial BOX we tend to stuff all of our personal effects, pictures, plaques, trophies, milestones, memories etc, when we leave a job. We will come back to the proverbial box and its symbol and significance in our own lives shortly.

I intentionally had the phrase leave a job bold and underlined because just by itself it doesn't convey the full picture as to under what circumstances that event it happened.

Was it a pink slip?

Was it a layoff?

Was it because of a company's shutting down?

Was it a reduction in force?

Was it a merger related redundancy of positions?

Was it because of moving on to a better opportunity?

Was it because was just too much and had to throw in the towel?

Was it due to a family emergency leave of absence?

Was it due to a personal medical leave?

Was it a long term sabbatical?

Was it due to military service obligations?

I will not dwell on the infinite reasons or circumstances for leaving a job. but rather instead, I will focus on the common things all the reasons or circumstances have in common.

Why? What is the point of even analyzing all of this stuff?

Because in the simplicity of it, that analysis truly is so very powerful and worth noting.

Now, back to the proverbial box because it is both the symbol and the common denominator for all of those scenarios detailed above.

So here it is:

Regardless as to why we had, are , or will be leaving a "corporate" job, the story always ends with a box.

"So what ?" you may say.

Well, the box is the symbol of "working for the man" and predictably it is always there when we leave. A symbol of how we did, are and will wind up summarized at the end of that job or tenure, no matter how short or how long.

So what? Does it really matter?

In my humble opinion I think that it does and also that we can change the predictable box ending story by breaking outside that box and oblivion.

The story, OUR story, doesn't have to ALWAYS wind up with that same proverbial box.

"Really? And just how do we do that? We have no control over the way the story ends." you may say.

This is how: If we follow up, learn and apply all what Kyle and Carson and Jay have built this wonderful worldwide Wealthy Affiliate community into, we shall never ever need to gather our personal effects in a box or to even ever leave, since we could be working virtually from anywhere in the world. For ourselves.

I close with s brief verse from the song "Living In Oblivion" by a band actually called Anything Box (I'm dead serious no pun intended, but the coincidence is staggering indeed):

""I am so afraid

Of living in oblivion."

I hope that you may find this brief post useful and an inspiration to us all to do more to break outside the box.

Admin, Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member

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