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The Road That Led Me To Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: January 18, 2019

The Road That Led Me To Wealthy Affiliate

Three months ago, I had never heard of Wealthy Affiliate.

Then, one day, I was sitting at my brand new desk, at my brand new computer, with my brand new vision of my life ahead.

I had recently declined to continue commuting to someone else's business to trade too much time for not enough money. (a plight we've all experienced)

I finally decided to put my precious time and efforts into my own business, as I realized that, generally speaking, no one has the amount of confidence in you, that you have for yourself.

It was evident that all of the promotions that didn't happen were just words of distraction to keep me from leaving...until I did.

Every job I'd held before this one, I was promoted fairly quickly. It was confirmation that I was working hard, and that my hard work was appreciated.

This time, I had a wake up call.

It was a Thursday afternoon (Fridays were my day off). I was sitting at my annual review, and there it was!

The promotion discussion.

And then...

The minimal raise and "Thanks so much for all you do."

It wasn't so much sincere, as it was obligatory.

"All I did" was enough work to employ another me, and still be too busy.


This time, the words hit me in the worst of ways. I sat, eyes glazed over for a minute, before I responded with "You're welcome."

The following Monday, I handed in my resignation.

The Boiling Point Was My Turning Point

Sometimes, it takes a specific moment or situation to bring true awareness to something that needs change.

The "perpetual student" that I am, I decided to take some courses on Udemy over the summer, while spending a great deal of quality time with my kids, as well as family that I hadn't seen in a long time.

August came.

The kids went back to school. And I sat at my new beautiful walnut stained farmhouse style desk, staring out a picture window at the silhouette of mountains on the horizon... and made a choice.

I began searching.

For what?

I wasn't sure.

I asked myself, "What do I want to do?"

"What would I like to do?"

Well... I like to read. I like to learn. I like to write. I like to share ideas. I like computers.

I wondered if there is something that I could do, that would include all of those things???

The Search Began

When I began searching online, I was using all of the obvious phrases like:

work at home

online jobs

remote jobs

What I found was an overwhelming kaleidescope of people that wanted me to buy their "money-making system" or stuff envelopes from home...

Really? That's still a thing?

What I wanted was direction. A real BUSINESS opportunity. And I don't mean 'Bus Op' as in "get rich quick" or join your MLM. (no objection to MLM - been there, done that, made money - not what I wanted this time)

I wanted to create something that's mine. Something that I could use as a means to support my family, and still have time to spend with my family!

But I wasn't finding it.

I didn't know what "it" was. But I knew I wasn't finding it.

Seek, and Ye Shall Find.

It took some time.

A lot of time.

I continued to search for days, then weeks, all the while not knowing what I was seeking.

And finally, one afternoon, I found it.

The right thing. The right business. My next, and last, "job."

The Internet Is The Key To My Future

I can't even recall what it was that I was reading when a simple ad caught my eye, and when I followed the curious link, I knew I had found it.

And so it will continue...

My story of what, why, where and when.

My road to Wealthy Affiliate.

Funny, when I sat down, I meant to write a simple post today. I was merely going to celebrate my 3 month mark, which I will happily complete in a separate post!

Thanks for reading Wealthy Affiliate friends,

Cris, Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member

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