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Start Somewhere, Start Anywhere………….Just START!

Last Update: March 20, 2019

One of the constants of our modern society is that there is a lot of NOISE! The internet has opened up a whole new world of discovery and possibilities and has placed everyone across the globe into closer proximity with each other. The possibilities are endless and the limit is your imagination. Wow. Great.

Sign me up. Now where to start. Where do I go and where to turn to? It's hard to focus and find your way amongst all the noise.

Choice is such a great thing. It provides opportunities and discovery. I like this, or I like that. Or, perhaps I don’t. No problem, that’s my choice. As we know however, when it comes to the internet we are completely spoilt with choice, to the point it can become a massive blur. “What’s that you got there? Yeah, ok. That looks great. I’ll ta……… oh, wait a minute. I think I saw something else. Something caught my eye…………….. Oh wow, that is exactly what I have been looking fo…………… Whoa, actually there is a what available?? I gotta’ check this out!!

I love a good bit of distraction and side-tracker-y, I mean, who doesn’t? We have all found ourselves being comforted by hesitation and procrastination, preferring to deal with delay after delay after delay rather than taking the steps to put thoughts into action.

It’s one of the gifts of the internet. Being spoilt for choice. It can cloud focus, but what an amazing journey it is. Then there is the research side of the internet. There is so much information to absorb, so much to learn that the tumble down the rabbit hole can be ongoing and engrossing.

What was initially a quick check online, ends up being 4 hours later and way past your bedtime. It’s a fantastic source of wealth and opportunity, but where to start? You have a thought or an idea? Fire up Google and get WiLD. That’s your start, right there. If the seed is planted to begin with, then taking that first step is the water that will eventually see that seed sprout, putting thoughts into action. Your initial search may find something of interest which when you start reading, absorbing and doing your research, takes you to a new place altogether and so the process goes, on and on.

So, start. Start anywhere.

Start with Google, start with YouTube, start with Facebook, start with your favorite product, band, destination, inspiration, quotation, animal, fashion label or movie star. If your initial search doesn’t provide clarity, then the following journey most likely will.

Matt, Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member

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