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On My Own Terms!

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Last Update: March 26, 2019

When I came across to Wealthy Affiliate (thanks again Dale Rodgers), it was on the back of a search to find potential and possibility.

I, like the majority of Affiliates, work a salaried job which has been my career, my income provider since my late teens. I've woken up at hours when the birds are still sleeping, heading into my place of work without too much thought of what else may be out there.

What other opportunities await to live life on my terms? To earn a living......'on my own terms'. I have layered which saw me go back to University some three years ago and I am still three years away from completion (earning a living online would definitely assist in speeding up that time period).

The thought of earning an income online, through the internet, was not even on the horizon, then something clicked.

I like to read......

It's a passion that goes back many years. It is also a passion that did drop off my radar for quite some time, until a few years ago. I started to get back into reading and rediscovered, relearned. Juggling this with my family, working and study is an achievement in itself, but no excuses. You make it happen.

One book that caught my eye and proved to be a fantastic read was 'The 48 Laws of Power', by Robert Greene. This book, at over 400 pages, offers a great deal of insight into the power struggles through the ages and the role that power plays in numerous struggles, conflicts and political plays through the ages.

It dives into the mindset and thinking behind some of the most memorable events through time. Wars, crusades, empires, paupers, Kings & Queens. This book covers the lot and provides some fantastic insights.

Upon finishing this book, I was on the hunt for a follow up. I was (funnily enough) online looking for a good read, when the site I was on pointed my interests towards a book which had a standout title. That book was F.U. Money.

Rather than get the book however, I decided to do some research about this book and the author. If you know the book, you know the author.

Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole

So I proceeded to go online to do my research about this book with the ominous title, with my research leading me to a website and then onto YouTube. I proceeded to watch one of a number of videos on a topic which I never would have been caught even considering, wealth growth and improvement online and through the internet.

How's this possible? How does this work? I had always followed the corporate path, swallowed up by the doctrine that if I worked my self to a standstill, for many years networked the right people, I would 'secure my future'. Problem is, securing my future in the corporate world becomes cutthroat and exhausting.

Additionally, I am spending an increasing amount of time away from my family, from my wife and two daughters, into chasing ghosts. So after watching a number of videos on YouTube, the seed was set and the curiosity rose, "there had to be a better way" and I made my way down the rabbit hole.

I was not expecting the rabbit hole to be so vast and expansive. E commerce, Amazon, High Ticket Sales, google ads and affiliate marketing. One video would led to another thread which would led to an ad promising the holy land and on and on it went. It all seemed out of reach, but I was drawn to the premises of it all, "guide your own destiny and live your life on your own terms".

That is what led me to Wealthy Affiliate.

When we undertook the initial training on Wealthy Affiliate, part of the training asked us what our 'goals' were. I added my goals, but the underlying reasons I want to live my life on my terms are fairly simple.


I want to be in a position where I have more time to be with my family, to teach my daughters how to ride a bike. As a family unit, we are going pretty good, but our time is stretched. If I can get a little more time back for my family, I can be there to help my girls learn to ride a bike.

A bit of extra income will also help me to actually buy them a bike as well. My eldest would love to be able to ride without her training wheels on, which makes me think that its time I looked at removing my own training wheels and learning how to balance and steer for myself, guiding my own journey.

When was YOUR 'Lightbulb' moment?

So Affiliates, I want to know.

I want to know when your own 'enough is enough' moment was.

What was the moment where something clicked for you, where the pieces fell into place and you thought to yourself, 'no way, there has to be something more than this'.

It is time to do more and put thoughts into action!

What was that moment for you?

Matt, Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member

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