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My "Whys" For Doing This Whole "Make Money Online" Thing

Last Update: March 14, 2019  0 Affiliate 0

Everyone should have a WHY when it comes to this whole "make money online" thing. At least that's my opinion. I have many WHYS and below are a few of the top ones.

Relocate To The UK

One of my biggest WHYS is because I want to relocate to the UK. I should achieve this goal by the end of this year. I got a major goal, which is to secure a house in England. My beautiful partner is there and I've spent half my time in the UK and elsewhere for the last few years. This has been a longtime coming and thanks to my ability (and luck) to make money online, I'll finally be able to remain in the UK!

Help Others Make Money

I've always wanted to help others make money. I enjoy giving advice to people on ways to make money online and offline, and for free. There's tons of ways to earn cash, but sometimes you need money to make money. That's why I give tips and advice that require no money. But, I emphasis that hard work is required and so is consistency.

Free Time To Volunteer

Another WHY of mine is freeing up my time so I can volunteer my time, with a focus on the elderly. Elderly loneliness is a very real thing, and a lot of elderly in residential homes don't get a lot of visitors. Therefore I do plan on doing more in this area. Once I'm fully settled in England, I plan on volunteering as much as I can.

Doing It For Love

As cheesy or cliche as it sounds, love makes the world go round. I always thought this phrase was meaningless and that money trumped love, but this past year has opened my eyes and my mindset has changed big time. I truly understand that you can have enough money, but if you don't have people in your life to talk to, a significant other, no kids, no friends; Then you'll be lonely.

I look at it this way, there are a few people I have lost in my life and I would give any amount of money to just have them back for a day. All of my WHYS boils down to love, and for some reason or another it has been serving me well.

Your WHY does not have to be for love, it can purely be for money and there's nothing wrong with that. Just find out what your WHY is, make sure you're passionate about it and then stop at nothing to achieve your "make money online" dreams.

Nathan, Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member

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