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From Marketing Clueless To Affiliate Marketer. Make YOUR Affiliate Dream A Reality!

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

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As said by many entrepreneurs in the past, "if you kinda want something, you will find an excuse, if you really want something, you will find a way". I can not stress the truth in this quote enough. It is something that not only did I need to realize when I started my journey in the affiliate business but something you will need to realize yourself when you start yours.

Your journey doesn't start when you think about starting, it starts when you actually put work in to get the ball rolling.

In December of 2018 I got a new paper calendar. No, not an app like Google calendar, a REAL calendar I could hold in my hands and carry with my in my laptop bag. I decided to record what I worked on in my calendar each and every single day, and soon realized that I was gonna need to step my grind up if I wanted all the ambitions I had within the time frame I was aiming.

It's easy to have an ambition, it's easy to start pursuing multiple ambitions at once. After a week you soon realize that multiplying ambitions only divides the amount of time you have. And if you have a day job this affects you even further.

Make no mistake, Affiliate Marketing is WORK and a business model. Take it from someone who put work in to start an LLC Software Development business. Affiliate marketing is a business, just that it provides a direct path to passive income.

I suspect that many of you who come to wealthy affiliate didn't come here to work, you came here to get rich. Don't get me wrong, increasing your income is a very real, valid possibility, and Wealthy Affiliate will provide accurate training you will need in real life. (Seriously, kyle knows what he is talking about, do YOU have a site named wealthy affiliate? Realize this site took a bunch of work!)

If you came to get rich quick, then you have 3 options.

a) Fail and call Wealthy Affiliate a scam.

b) Leave now and use your time and money to play video games (which earns $0 per hour by the way)

c) You can change the way you think, learn this is NOT a get rich quick scam, it is something that takes work.

There is no such thing as get rich quick!

If there was, don't you think more people would get rich so quickly and easily? When was the last time you saw someone with wealth bragging about how they went from broke to rich in 1 day? Did you honestly think that there was some magical guaranteed lottery that would just throw money at you for being you? Are you confused?

Being an Affiliate marketer takes work. You need to work by learning new information every day. You need to work by applying that information in your website, responding to and creating emails,. You need to work by updating your website when it was already made. You need to work by learning from mistakes you made in the past. Work, work and more work.

If work is bad news for you, there is good news. This work is rewarding, it has a purpose, and it can be fun if you change your sour attitude. Don't be spoiled, you will not survive the journey to success. Coming from someone who was homeless I can promise you. that.

If you look at it in a different perspective, you have been working on other things all along. I know people who HAVE to level up in their video game. They stay awake when they're tired, when they die in the game they don't give up they keep going. And all for some digital awards that have no value in life. But people do it because it is "fun".

I suggest you choose something you study in your spare time as your niche, this will make it fun. And when it's a hard and bad day, it will make it easier to push through. Do not do a niche because it is "profitable" or "popular". You will miss the point entirely.

Personal experience

I was familiar with ecommerce business, software development business, and others. Granted I still have a lot to learn now and I didn't know everything then, but I was clueless to affiliate marketing. Wealthy Affiliate specifically tells you how to earn money. Specifically (like I could cite the sentences in training).

If you want money TODAY as bad as you claim you do, your actions will speak for it. And you will DO something to make your dream a reality, TODAY. The ambition for success is an obsession, not a phase.

Sit your butt down, actually watch and listen to the training. And then after you complete a lesson DO the work!

I am not rich from affiliate marketing today. But I am an affiliate, something I could not say when I first joined. If I continue I know I will see the fruit from my labor. I know because I have seen fruits from other investments I have made.

I have a website (it needs work) but it EXISTS. It's no longer an imaginary concept in my head. I am a member of affiliate programs. I have rankings, I have people who visit my site. I have a much more thorough understanding of affiliate marketing and it has lead me to opportunities with people in person I would not have had otherwise.

I got premium and didn't do anything with it for about a week. Do not do what I did, start as soon as you can. No excuses, only adjustments.

To conclude

You have a opportunity right now that others would kill for. Do not put it to waste. Do not wait for it to happen, make it happen.

Denkwise, Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member

If You Like The Post And Want To Take The Next Step Towards Financial

Freedom Please Join Now!