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I Failed At Affiliate Marketing Until I Found Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: March 20, 2019  

Affiliate Marketing Failure

Over the years, I'd tried affiliate marketing many times.

No plan, of course. No goals set, no to-do list.

Just throw a website together. Dreamweaver at first, then how much easier when WordPress came along and started to become the go-to CMS (Content Management System). Funny how it started off just as a personal blogging platform (did you know that blog is short for Web log?) and then evolved into the influential powerhouse that it is today. Creating WordPress plugins is an industry in its own right.

Anyway, I didn't have any plan, really. Would just hunt up ClickBank for suitable product and link to them. Later on, added JVZoo and Warrior+ to the mix.

Back then, Amazon was only just evolving from being an online bookstore that was yet to make a profit. I don't think it had any affiliate links. There was a build your own bookstore plan but it was pretty complex.

And I certainly knew nothing about finding private affiliate programs.

No Plan Just Shiny Pebbles

So, like I said, no plan.

Which is probably why I bought so many products designed to get easy traffic or high rankings or whatever the latest bright, shiny pebble was.

Successes? I had a few, but like Mr Sinatra sang (he was talking about regrets) "too few to mention." And certainly not enough to cover all the costs.

Then Along Came WA

Wealthy Affiliate was my saviour.

It's different in so many ways, but to me the two most important were:

Most schemes over-promise and under-deliver. You quickly become disillusioned and quit. Wealthy Affiliate is the reverse. It under-promises and over-delivers. It told me I could expect results in 6-12 months, but I'm seeing them in 3.

The Wealthy Affiliate training provides the plan that I've always been missing. It's a clear step-by-step approach that ensures that everything is not only done right, but in the right order. I have a supplier who pays me $120 if a customer buys a $65 product through my link. That's a crazy good deal, right? The do it because they are looking at the long-term value of an ongoing customer. BUT... I never would have got that deal if I hadn't been able to present them with a good looking website in their niche first. And that website was built totally by following Kyle's training at Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Works

So I'm saying to everyone, the Wealthy Affiliate system works!

It's the best methodology around.

It won't teach you to get rich quick, but nothing else will either.

It will teach you how to achieve your goals.

All you need is dedication and patience.

Phil, Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member

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