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How Can I Make It Better?

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

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Due to popular demand this will be a shorter one today. The title dictates my actions in response to feedback in regard to my posts/blogs. So how can I make it better.? Well I can make this particular blog better by not waffling on and getting to the point in a timely fashion.

It is ironic that I should choose today for this subject. Every three weeks my wife and I deliver a certain companies health and beauty products, I feel like I'm on the BBC, if I mention it I have to follow by saying 'other health and beauty products are available'. We have about 120 customers on the books.

Preparation is straightforward but time-consuming. Everyone has a new catalogue each time, which has to have an info slip, order form and bonus sales brochure put inside the pages, then into a bag it goes. Said book is the added to their order. Obviously not everyone orders each campaign but we still have to visit all the customers to give them the latest book.

As we are now 'old hands' at this, the packing can be done in a morning...used to take a day. Delivering takes about 5 hours and this can vary but not by much. Book preparation takes me about an hour and a half.

So, that's the background. It all has to be done. Much of the work load is mundane and repetitive. So much so, that I used to dread the days preceding 'order weekend' I would start to think about all the other things I would rather be doing. Now, I no longer feel that way. Why.?

Well now I have used the 'How can I make this better' method.

Many years ago I happened upon some audio material by Tony Robbins. I know he isn't every ones cup of tea but I was coming through a fairly torrid time and needed to make some serious changes in my life. I was happy to listen to anything that might help me do that.

One of the tips was ideal and simple. There are plenty of tasks we have to do, either work related or in our home lives that are tedious and boring...they drag and time goes oh so slowly. My Robbins, bless him gave an example, which, although not completely relatable, it does make the point.

He had been 'on the road' for a number of weeks, working hard with his seminars. On returning home he found a stack of messages on his answering machine. Many required proper attent ion, some just required acknowledgment. He was tired and was not looking forward to returning the calls...

So what did he do.? He made it better. Turning on the jacuzzi and pouring himself a tall one he proceeded to work his way through the dozens of messages and had a rather nice time doing it.

I know you're thinking is this a bit tongue-in-cheek...but the message is true. Try to 'spice up' whatever it is you have to do. Normally whilst packing we have YouTube on the television with some playlist from the 80s blaring out...karaoke packing.

Put some music on, have a little sing along or if you're washing up you could boogey a bit. Change your surroundings if you can. I used to sort the catalogues sat in front of the TV. It does take longer but I enjoyed it more. The amount of audiobooks I've listened to when I'm ironing is obscene.

During writing this I did think it might all be a bit obvious but there again I had never thought about it until it was bought to my attention. Nice one Tony.

T.W., Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member

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