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Highest Affiliate Commissions - New Record Today! ($6,582+)

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Last Update: March 13, 2019  

I have been sharing my Highest Affiliate Commissions for a while now here in this community. To be honest I do not like to share them that much but as the response have been so positive I have changed my mind a bit.

As this community is PACKED with affiliate marketers of all levels from all around the world it might not be that strange that there is some kind of interest, right? 😃

Today I made a new record from one sale, I made an affiliate commission of exactly $6,582,97 and that is a new record for me, with quite some margin as the record up until this one was $3,700 something...

Below you got my all time high for 1 sale in 1 day:

I hope his will inspire (mainly) the newbies who have just started out here in this community and have started their training and are making progress, no matter how fast or slow it goes.

I remember when I started out here, I started in a niche and created a website that I actually abandonned after 2,5 moths of hard work... I created a new website (and was surprised how much easier it was the second time) and started to work on it pretty much every day... following the training here...


It took me 4,5 months before I made any money at all... and I had a voice in my head that told me nasty things all the time... "Give up" and "It will never happen" and all of that...

However, I refused to listen... and to be honest... I was prepared to try until I died lol! There was just no way I was going to give up...

And if there is one advice I can give to anyone starting out it is that you should get yourself some kind of "refuse to give up mindset"

Because once you make your first sale, (mine was not even $10) It will start to happen things...

IF you stay consistent...

I actually made my second sale only 2 days after the first... and then they started to add up and come more frequently... I remember that I made $2,000+ on month 7 after starting up my second site...

What if I had listened to that nasty voice inside my head who told me to give up?

Anyway, hope you found this post inspiring and that it maybe contribute to you not quitting and not giving up.

Also, a BIG thank you to the guys behind this great community (Especially Kyle, Carson and Jay) who are the main reason for me havíng the knowledge and skill to make more money in 1 day than most of the worlds population make in 1 month.

Also, a very special thank you to John (johncruz), the guy who invited me here (my brother from another mother)... with the same first name though...

And thank you to all of you inside this community, you are great and remember that you are here for a reason... So do not give up on the reason that got you here in the first place!

Am going to continue to share my highest affiliate commissions with you here also, if you want?

However, the next one is going to be significantly bigger or else I wont share it 😉

Please, share your comments below!

Much love 💙

John, Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member

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