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Google Page 1 Position 1 in Two Hours!

Last Update: March 13, 2019  23 Affiliate 0

The Google Sandbox

I blogged about the Google Sandbox a couple of days ago:

Some of that was my own knowledge and experience and some of it was research.

My WA sites are around 3 months old and I have no problem getting posts onto page 1 of Bing but they show up nowhere on Google. So I was really wondering "Is that because I'm in the sandbox, or is there some other, potentially more serious reason?"

Long-Tail Keyword Ranking

One of the things that my research turned up was that you were in the sandbox if you could get ranked for a long tail keyword with little or no competition. This would indicate that you weren't being penalized by Google, it was just that you hadn't been around long enough to acquire the authority to rank on competitive keywords.

I thought that was worth a try.

So I created a blog post on one of my sites for such a keyword and submitted it to Google and Bing.

Checked back a couple of hours later.

And there it was. Page 1 Position 1 on Bing. Great. But on Google...

Google Page 1 Positions 1 and 3

Page 1, Position 1 on Google as a featured snippet (see image) and also Page 1, Position 3 as a regular post.

The skin care niche is highly competitive but not on the keyword I chose. Note that I've blurred out identifying information so that I'm not promoting the site here.

This has delivered an enormous confidence boost to me, but I would also hope to any WA member who's struggling with working hard but not getting any joy from Google.

Keep Working While Waiting

You're probably in the sandbox. Keep posting and have patience.

Phil, Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member

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