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Golden Nuggets on a Weekly Basis - Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: March 12, 2019  19 Affiliate 0

What have we here on the WA platform?

Did you know that there are 'golden nuggets' or invaluable gems of information that are simply given to you to convert to 'know-how?' This is to help all those awesome Wealthy Affiliate Premium members who may for various reasons are unavailable on Friday nights to join us fortunate ones in "The Lounge" with our One and Only Live Training Coach, Jay Neill of magistudios.

He is featured weekly every Friday on Live Events starting at 1700 hours PST and generally lasts over an hour most weeks and you will find members from all over the globe participating in the 'world-famous' Live Chat with questions and comments for Jay.

When we work internationally, we are in business in 24 time zones that makes it quite challenging to ensure continuity of communications and understanding of each other.

Amazing, isn't it?

Well, I'm a kinda "Curious Georgette" shall we say and a question popped this morning --

ah - affiliate programs -- how to help wonderful WA members find them?

Now, that sounds like such a basic, fundamental question and I would think that I'd already have the clear, crisp answer to this query.

Have I inadvertently forgotten?

In my memory banks, I recalled one of the very first WAbinars that I enjoyed viewing with Jay and that he shared what I felt was obviously a 'Golden Nugget' -- it's stored in my notebook.

And by the way, I'm going through two full notebooks of gathering up gems or rather pearls of wisdom along the way -- unbelievable as that may sound!

So, back to my original thought ---

Tip of the Week -- as shown by the awesome "magistudios" in action every Friday!

OK ... If you are in the process of researching to find lucrative affiliate programs, my translation of the search formula from Jay's Live show is this as follows:

SITE: Domain Name = Affiliate Program

For example: url >> www (dot) wayfair (dot) com ===>>

and to do a search for 'wayfair' affiliate programs, convert into this >>

Site: wayfair(dot)com affiliate


POOF -- it's like Magic!

Try it out for yourself to uncover, discover, find new and interesting affiliate programs for you to join in with various companies to make affiliate commissions.

Hope you've found this post beneficial and helpful for your work here!

All the best to you for every success!

Thanks kindly for your attention ---

E N J O Y a m o s t B e a u t i f u l D A Y ! ! !

............ and of course "LiKes" and insightful comments are all welcomed!

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