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Fruit Or Fruit Tree, What Will It Be? Get Quick Rich OR Earn Recurring Streams Of Passive Income

Last Update: April 25, 2019

Hello fellow worldwide Wealthy Affiliate members,

I know, I know, you may ask: "What in the world is this about?" especially being posted on an affiliate marketing website.

No, I do not have a niche website about fruit or fruit trees.

Also, as Kaju can "allegedly" attest to, I haven't completely gone bananas (at least not just yet).

"So then, what gives?" some may ask.

I was simply reflecting the other day after reading a blog post here by Andy Zeus of Yuma Bloggers and it also donned upon me the simple yet powerful analogy between us wanting to either have (fresh cut) fruit or a fruit tree instead.

"Say what? What does that blog post have to do with fruit and fruit trees?" some may ask.

Well, everything.

You see, those seeking to take the "get-rich-quick" path to "success" will eventually realize that the (fresh cut) fruit is a singular one time thing, which cannot be replenished by most laws of nature or physics (I am not up to speed on cloning I admit). Surely we may enjoy not having to do much work around the (fresh cut) fruit other than washing or peeling it, but then when it is used or eaten it is gone forever and we will need to buy or get another one.

Otherwise we will be fruitless, right?

By contrast, a fruit tree will produce, at the appropriate time of each year (season) multiple fruits, a recurring yearly event we can almost bank on. Surely a fruit tree will require maintenance, pruning, grafting, protecting from freezing weather, etc. (sorry if my fruit tree knowledge only goes so far, but I have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express near a nursery a while back).

"Yeah, we know all of that stuff already, so what is your point anyway?" some may ask.

The analogy has to do with "the fruit" representing the concept of trying to "get-rich-quick" which most people want to do without much training, required work and related research or patience, versus, on the other hand, "the fruit tree" which is the concept put forth by Wealthy Affiliate which recommends its members to learn, research, be patient, trust the training and proven system and which in the end will yield recurring streams of fruits, often in an unending season or harvest.

DISCLAIMER: No actual fruits or fruit trees were used in the creation of this post, nor did the cover photo produce and harm to either fruit or fruit trees. All characters in this post are purely fictional. The fruits, fruit trees and the fictional characters have all been created during Genesis by our Creator.

I hope that you managed to stay awake through the end of this fruitful post.

If so, please like, dislike, share and/or comment and let me know what do you think.

PS: FREE apple cider for the first 1000 readers and commenters (No, I am not offering that, just sayin'...)


Admin, Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member