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The Reason For This Post And The Wealthy Affiliate Link.

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

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Just painting a picture, I had the opportunity to go fishing at a really cool spot the other day at a river mouth where the river lagoon meets the sea, currently, it is the tail end of the salmon season.

Back in the day salmon were caught in the thousands, moving forward to today they are caught, maybe two to three a week of what you hear about and the how's and what bait was used are closely guarded secrets by those in, " the know " and experienced fisher folks.

It is hard graft to catch a fish and you have to work for it, so to get there you drive along a beach for about 2 miles, on this day there was a steady file of vehicles heading in the opposite direction a sure sign that nothing is catching.

Even walking down folks were leaving,

“How's it going bro “.

“ Nothing catching mate complete waste of time “.

The folks there slowly drifted away, so at the end, there was just me and this old guy. He had just been watching just standing back not even fishing. He started, casting and caught a fish, like me he was catch and release guy, that is where you catch a fish and then release it back to the water from where it came. The thrill is in catching the fish, applying your skills, out thinking or being craftier than the fish, and believe me big fish get to be big fish because they are onto it and very clever.

Got talking to him and in that casual way he imparted some tips and tricks, he departed and it was just me and sizing up the water I just followed what he told me, didn't try to put my spin on it, well probably the third cast you guessed it hooked up a salmon.

That is it, I just moved from” Alex nobody fishing guy, that get birds nests in his line, loses his gear to snags and spends a fortune buying new gear" to " Alex just caught a salmon guru fisherman “.

To top it off went back the next day and caught another one.

What this can not be true.

It's taking knowledge and applying it, so if you can tap into, knowledge and apply it, then you will create outcomes, that could be one of the golden rules.

So this old guy had been fishing for sixty years that is a heap of experience, another golden rule when experience expresses some thoughts, listen up.

The reason for this post and the Wealthy Affiliate link.

All the folks fishing that day were just casting their lines in the water, in the hope of catching a fish, like I said salmon are so hard to catch, these days.

Some were mixing it up changing lures and rods, moving up and down just hoping to hook up.

So they were all blind fishing, that is where you just throw your line in the water in hope, if luck is shining on you then you may be blessed with a fish.

The majority are not.

When you think about it, many of us can be like that when it comes to marketing, do we just create words and then cast them into the referral pond in the hope that someone may take the bait.

Blind marketing can be like fishing for people, like hooking people to buy from you, just a numbers and luck game.

The only way is to take your knowledge to share it and let your content speak for you, that can be visual or as with most it is written content. Apply knowledge, and develop skills in the process.

Words are gold, in the industry.

This may sound a little mercenary, and try not to make too much about it.

Don't over think it.

The mindset can be about grabbing someone's attention, in our fishbowl world that can be a very hard task even harder, being able to hold that attention.

Attention is the new gold.

Our words can do that, and the name of the game is selling and promoting, I know that we are in the business of helping and providing value, the overview should be focused on selling at the end of the day.

I think at the end of the day that is the big division between online and offline business. Offline it is, sell and promote or your business fails, online we have this economy of scale thing where we can invest time, and well we are providing value but whether we sell or not, doesn't matter because it is part of the journey, I am not so sure about that concept.

I have a confession, I was a blind marketer, it can be an easy trap to fall into without realizing it. It can be easy to get wishy-washy and for content to lack direction and focus. If you look sideways then there are plenty of blind marketers out there, do they succeed well maybe, more than likely they drift away because nothing is catching.

It can be a process, to be honest, and one that is in a constant state of change. We can create change or just go with the flow, the only trouble with that is nothing changes.

Mindset can be king

Your next post could be your best and the one after that even better.

The next post you are going to write, sit down and think about outcomes, who are you trying to reach, what message are you projecting and what are you trying to sell and promote. I have started along these tracks and it makes a difference and sometimes all we need is a difference.

We have the choice of being blind marketers, or we have the choice of being targeted marketers. It is not about loading content with links, it can be about creating content that has a purpose.

Focused on outcomes. The cool thing about this journey is that we can make up our own rules the key is that they just need to have some purpose.

Well, that's, that I am away fishing.

Thank you for reading and what are your thoughts, over focus on selling and we are in spam central in the blink of an eye, or just build selling into your overall strategy?

Happy fishing folk's.

Alex, Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member

If You Like The Post And Want To Take The Next Step Towards Financial

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