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Affiliate Marketing Niche Product Ideas!

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Niche Product Ideas

Last Update: March 11, 2019  44 Affiliate 0

I'm almost certain I'm not alone in my thinking was too hard when it comes to finding niche product ideas that work well for me. Sometimes when you over think things you tend to make more out of the situation than what may be the reality of the situation.

This happens to many of us because we become torn making that final decision.

A Difficult Choice Indeed

One big problem at least for me is that I enjoy many things in life and choosing one that I can write content about can be a difficult choice indeed. It doesn't end there though, something as simple as promoting products like watches is still broad scoped.

There are so many types of watch brands with some being expensive watches and others being cheap watches.

There is also many styles of watches including casual, dress, survival and multi-functional and more, I think this can all become a cause for many to over think there niche.

I don't promote watches, I simply used watches as an example because one would think a watch is a watch and it ends there. It doesn't, beside the watches there are other products within that niche like watchbands, cleaning equipment, watch tools, repair kits, books and much more.

The reason I am writing this blog post? Because from the first day I became a premium member here at Wealthy Affiliate I often hear people saying they feel they have picked the wrong niche to promote. I myself have thought of many niche product ideas but I still struggle to make that final choice.

The Learning Process

The learning process for promoting your niche usually comes after you have already picked the one you think will work best for you. This is where people feel like it's too late and some wish they went in a different direction in the choice of a niche to promote.

Some will do like I did and create another new niche and others may do this several times over when starting out here at Wealthy Affiliate. I'm sure there are a few that come here with a solid plan of a niche intact, but I would guess they already have experience with affiliate marketing.

When you start a second and third niche something else happens, you have a hard time letting go of the ones you have already created, even though you may think they might be a mistake. That's all that hard work you put into creating your current niche, no one wants to give up!

Become Successful First

It took the lessons and time spent here at WA to realize I have plenty of time in the future to venture into other niches I may want to promote. I often have to remind myself of the fact that while it's nice to make money, that's not really why I am here at Wealthy Affiliate.

I came to Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to become successful first and foremost and I wanted to find out why I would see some people succeed while most others would fail miserably. Unfortunately I was one of the failing miserably unable to get people to my products pages.

The opportunity to learn from the best people in the business wasn't a hard sell for me. Way back in 2014 I had joined Wealthy Affiliate, but life had other plans for me at that time. When I finally had time, I started looking into becoming successful online once again.

Learn Affiliate Marketing

Fast forward to present day and I'm back at Wealthy Affiliate once again and I looked at so many other platforms to learn affiliate marketing. Most of them were overpriced and had a bunch of upsells for extra tools reach the top of the chain on the platforms and some was for extra tools.

This time things have gone so much better for me here at WA, I completed my level 5 OEC courses and I have 3 sites all indexed besides having a few referrals to both Jaxxy and WA. I've been a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate for 3 months as of now and I intend to remain a premium member for many years to come.

My suggestion to anyone having a hard time deciding which niche product ideas to go with would be that it really doesn't matter. Don't over think the choice and just get that experience going forward to learn the process, you'll have plenty of time to do other things down the road.

Dive Into That Niche

You might want to stay at WA for years to come like me, the help is outstanding and the training is the best available today, plus the hosting is great. I have no intention of leaving WA and I am about ready to transfer another domain over to Wealthy Affiliate.

I wasn't planning on doing that but I still have 2 years left on a 5-year domain, so I will bring it over to Wealthy Affiliate and see what I can do to get some traffic to that siteas well. My plan is to rebuild it and take advantage of that domain name as best I can.

My journey here at Wealthy Affiliate has been amazing so far and it's getting better every day. Don't worry about Enter your own correction... niche and focus on the path to success because you can change to another niche at a later date if Enter your own correction... unhappy with Enter your own correction... current choice of a niche.

Whenever I come up with niche product ideas I write them down and begin to do research. At some point down the road I will be prepared to dive into that niche, but for now I will continue with the ones I've started and work them until I am a better marketer and that can only happen from experience.

Thanks for reading my blog and I wish everyone much success with their niches.

To Everyone's Success!


John, Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member

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