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$452 From ONE Platform, ONE Day. YOU Can Do This Too!

Last Update: March 15, 2019 10 Affiliate 0

Hi WA Warriors!

I hope everyone is doing great! I wanted to give you guys a little update since I've been busy in the background and have a few realizations that I want to share.

First, the great news is that I have a new daily high record for most earnings from one platform in a day at $452, which is of course here at WA as most of you know I promote WA.

This is the reality of promoting WA and YES it's a LOT of freaking work but look at that number, is it worth all the hard work to see that number on my screen?!? Heck yes!

I would do it again.

What I found was that all that hard work in my 2nd year has now allowed me in my 3rd year to work not as hard but still earning the same if not more than last year.

This is how blogging works, you do have to put in a LOT of work in the beginning. I didn't do that in my first year and wasted a lot of time.

That's why my 2nd year, I was on rampage to get to my Vegas goal and all that hard work blogging more than once a day even for some months to get to my goal.

But, like I've said many times, my path, is not the only way. A couple have gotten to that goal through concentrating on other free traffic methods like YouTube.

There are many other ways to market, you just need to be creative. You don't always have to blog to death like I have. LOL

But, that's the training here. The training here teaches you how to drive traffic from a blog, and that's what you need no matter what you are promoting or what business or system you use.

TRAFFIC is always what you need. You either get it free from search engines, social media, YouTube, online forums, or you get it through paid ads.

The method taught here is free from search engines via a blog website which takes time to build but once you have build it like I have, it's an incredible online asset to have which no one can take away from you.

Other things like social media & YouTube can shut you down, but you'll always have your blog website working for you.

Well, I guess Google can shut us down too but then Google will have nothing to show to their users, so Google needs blogs, it will always need content to show their searchers.

Okay, I feel like I'm just rambling now... but my point is that building a blog, which takes time to do and you need patience for, does have TONS of benefits and as you can see brings in the money, which is the whole point of you guys being here. :)


I have to admit, it's mid-March and I'm not getting as much accomplished as I wanted.

I actually got to a point that I got really overwhelmed with all the stuff I've put on my plate to achieve my goals for 2019.

So I had to strip back a bit to tackle one thing at a time on my list of things I want to accomplish this year.

I've also been trying things that hasn't worked as well as I thought so I'm testing things this year more than I've ever done with my site and it's frustrating when a lot of time goes into something and it doesn't work.

Well, at least now I know that doesn't work! LOL Expensive lesson.

However, this will not stop me. It just means I have to find another way.

It means more learning so I can reach my goals for this year.

I also had a better February than January but then March is looking a bit soft this week, I'm thinking this must be because of spring break.

Hopefully my traffic will go back up in April, anyone seeing lower traffic this week?

Your Takeaway

Don't let any bumps in your road stop you because you will always come cross many of these in your journey and it's a matter of finding out how to resolve so you can move on.

The more of these bumps you go through, the closer you are to your goals. This is a definite.

Keep being CONSISTENT and working hard on your websites guys, you will reap the rewards from it one day.

I started with a "Stay Focused" image on the top header of this post, it's really a reminder for myself to do just that.

It's really easy to be all over and get shiny object syndrome... which I STILL HAVE TODAY! :(

So, STAY FOCUSED on your stuff, on your goals, because staying focused is how I got to my first goals, and now I need to continue to stay focused if I want to level up my business!

I hope you guys have a great weekend!!


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