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The Three Unseen Laws of SEO

Last Update: March 15, 2019 26 Affiliate 0

Neil Patel published a short YouTube video on March 14, 2019 explaining the 3 unseen laws of SEO.

We can do all the SEO best practices in the world and fully optimize our websites. But that does not guarantee ranking success because of the 3 Unseen Laws of SEO.

3 Unseen Laws

Brand Queries - Building your brand helps you rise to the top of SERP as it is one way Google sorts out good sites from bad. Branding also helps establish authority and trust worthiness.

User Experience - Search engines, e.g. Google, use User Metrics as one of the factors in determining SERP rankings. The User Metrics consist of TIme on Site, Dwell Time, Bounce Rate, and Page Views per Visitor. An optimized SEO site may lose out in ranking to a lesser optimized site that provides a better user experience.

Adapt to Technology Change - Adapting to technology change is an important part of maintaining high page rankings in the future. A good example is the growing importance of voice search using Google Home or Amazon Echo devices. Another example is my wife using her iPhone to search. Search Engine Land reports that nearly 60% of searches are performed on mobile devices.

The 3 Unseen Laws of SEO gives us food for thought going forward when we consider developing or adapting our content to meet the needs of future readers, consumers, and website visitors.

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